Monday, February 06, 2006

On the move

Mobility, nomadic lifestyles, business travel, perpetually linked, email addiction, 21 C viruses that cannot be treated...these are topics I have been pondering of late...additionally the issue/topic of the "digital divide" is something I am curious about...

Less than 20% the world has a connection, Africa represents less than 1% of connected people which will be decreased. The question of access is a problem,

Different age, sex, language, work, skills, etc are much more of a problem than whether they have a computer or not.

Seriously interesting posts by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino make for interesting reading at present.

I particularly liked the one featuring the quote from Jean-Luc Raymond above...

More info about Jean-Luc can be found on the LIFT06 site.

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Hello Ian,

Thanks for your note about "the digital divide".

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