Thursday, May 04, 2006

UNSW | COFA Online ~enrich public online courses in Art & Design

The College of Fine Arts' (COFA) first public online courses commence on June 12, 2006. These 100% online courses form part of a new venture called COFA Online ~enrich; uniquely linking UNSW to the broader community.

The first ~enrich courses are:

• Creative Thinking Processes
• Experiencing & Contemplating Art
• Textiles: Tradition & Contemporary Technology
• Graphics & Contemporary Society

Find out more at the
COFA Online ~enrich Website

COFA Online ~enrich is a dynamic and innovative initiative designed to address the needs and interests of public, professionals, and corporate bodies nationally and internationally, primarily in the area of visual arts and design.

The ~enrich concept extends beyond the traditional university environment into public, community and industry sectors offering a suite of relevant and contemporary online courses. Designed to provide university level education that is focussed not simply on skills acquisition, ~enrich courses are characterised by their theoretical components that are developed and taught by academics and industry professionals.

Delivered via COFA's Omnium™ software the ~enrich user-experience is of a seamless integration of quality academic content and an easy- to-use digital interface operable from any location. You may also choose to participate in ~enrich programs of higher rigor to achieve accreditation for your online studies. Developed with a global perspective the ~enrich program is a unique concept in contemporary visual art and design education driven by a vision of collaborative learning for all who wish to access it.

For more information about COFA Online’s ~enrich programs for 2006 contact the ~enrich Coordinator Ian McArthur on +61 2 9385 0644 or by email:


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